Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Horia, pulpa si... Blog de Moldovean

Paul Iulian Surugiu a fost surprins de reporterii BlogdeMoldovean in timp ce-si tatua pe pulpa dreapta chipul lui Horia Brenciu intr-un cabinet de specialitate.

Extras din interviul pe care i l-a smuls Moldoveanul cu blog:

Reporter BlogDeMoldovean: La ce te-ai gandit cand ai ales sa-ti tatuezi pe pulpa dreapta chipul lui Horia Brenciu?
Paul: Sincer, a fost o decizie foarte grea. Am oscilat intre o prispa (nr: cea din videoclipul "Casa parinteasc─â nu se vinde") si chipul lui Horia.

R: De ce Horia si nu prispa casei parintesti?
P: Cand zici "prispa" clar te referi la familie. Familia este foarte importanta pentru mine insa muzica este viata mea.

R: De ce Horia si nu... Cotabita?
P: Horia pentru ca suntem foarte, foarte buni prieteni, eu sunt un romantic incurabil si Horia asisderea. Ma reprezinta.

R: De ce pe pulpa dreapta?
P: Este piciorul meu de sprijin. Eu sunt dreptaci si Horia la fel.

Recomand cu caldura sa citesti intregul "interviu" pe blogul moldoveanului. Foarte haios Horia, pulpa si iulian gandesc pentru mine.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thursday, 1 September 2011

iMonster - a timelapse short movie

iMonster the movie

by Babilon Works Studios

Over 3 hrs work to produce the awsome "iMonster" movie by Babilon Works Studios (a creative dpt. of WEBBER - web company) about some toys messing about.

toys .......... themselves;
the rest ..... watch end credits

This was done using a Canon PowerShot A520 (point & shot) digital camera, with a standard tripod and no extra lights. We are very proud of our work and we are showcasing it for the whole world to see. LEGALIZE!

With me at the time there were the highly creative Radu Waradu Ursu (youtube) and George KickPunkBastard Dobre (youtube), video editors and image magicians. I'm not a video dude myself, but you may also find me on youtube.

watch iMonster video clip on youtube, vote and comment as well. - a very creative team of young professionals working their magic on web design, web development, video editing, video production, prints, SEO, social media... visit our website at

Saturday, 27 August 2011

what you've got when it's gone

When you have nothing, you have nothing to loose. That should be like a goal or something to achieve, to aspire. But coping with loosing everything must be the hardest thing to do. Loosing everything is admitting what a dumb looser you are, cause you never hear anyone say: "Hey, great job loosing all you had, dude! Great job!".

But indeed there's good in loosing. (Or at least there should be.) Provided you accept you are flawed, you are stupid and you will always make mistakes. I'm not referring to people having their lives destroyed by natural disasters, but to those who's decisions have destroyed their dreams and hopes and will to carry on. How many times in life can one find himself flat on his back trying to get up on his knees? Will you know what to do not no find yourself in the same situation again? And if you don't learn from your mistakes, will it be easier next time?

The sooner you accept it, the better. Imagine accepting all's gone. Imagine having nothing. What point is then valuing what you had, when it is gone?

A tear tastes like a drop of blood.

Monday, 15 August 2011

There’s this one time in Soho, London...

Two eastern European immigrants enter a gay bar... True story, this time it's no joke.

So I was walking around Soho with a friend and decided to sit for a beer. And we picked the first pub with free seats on the table since we were not the mood to stand out from the crowd. Not from that crowd any way. I don't remember the the name of the pub, but I can remember our revelation when we turned from the bar with our pints: "do you see any women in here?".

Fearfully we escorted our drinks to what seemed the most isolated table on the premises, with shyness in our eyes as we scouted around. We took notice of the two exits and named the nearest as the emergency one. Soon beer got us looking for the other most important door in a pub. It is then we noticed there was no ladies' room. And having looked around we saw no need for it, cause everywhere you looked there were just men wearing skinny shirts and other revealing revealing clothing, commonly known as gay clothes. But going straight to the men's room seemed like going into the beast's lair. For you may go straight but must never turn your back! All butt that.

After all, gay bars are quite straight forward... Well, I guess they're actually neither straight nor forward; butt backwards...

The beef burger was great though. I was stuffed after that.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Those immigrants...!!

'Ai dreacu cocalari analfabeti! Las' ca plec io la engleji...

Nu-mi place cand sunt etichetat, dar stereotipurile au fost din totdeauna amuzante. Sansele sunt sa fie oricare alta natie din lumea asta responabila pentru afisele din vitrina magazinului, insa mie mi se pare cel mai funny sa cred ca patronatul si angajatii sunt "pakistani people"; mai ales ca imi imaginez cum ar citi ce au scris ei acolo.

Voila de vezi cum se scrie in engleza pakistaneza/indiana:

Can you spot the spelling mistake?

Those pesky immigrants! The're EVERYWHERE!!!

Nu ca as fi eu mare vorbitor de engleza, dar pakistani pipal vorbesc cam asa...

Da, TOTI vorbesc asa :))
Shut da fock up!

Sunt rasist? I don't give a flying fuck! Mereu am spus ca, daca vrei sa fii tratat ca un om "normal", trebuie sa fii pregatit sa fii luat la misto. Stereotipurile sunt, probabil, cele mai amuzante si usor de intretinut subiecte. Ca se spune ca oltenii sunt prosti, sau ca moldovenii sunt... nu-stiu-cum, sau ca negrii au morosul specific ca sa fie urati de orbi, toate astea sunt prejudecati, si nu trebuie confundate cu rasismul.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

spoof promotia Pecsi cu agripINNA - o productie Blog de Moldovean

Razbunarea lu' moldovenii contra ataca se intoarce 3

Blog de Moldovean lanseaza un nou spoof: "Promotia Pecsi cu agripINNA".

Blog de Moldovean te cheama la vot!

Uite de ne voteaza "spoof Promotia Pecsi cu agripINNA".
Suntem tineri, creativi si meritam o sansa :)

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