Friday, 26 April 2013

WordPress: manually grant superadmin rights

Network / Super-admin privileges lost after renaming account

This article will explain how to recover lost super-admin / network privileges upon renaming account or how to manually grant super-admin privileges on a WordPress multisite, by updating the database (with phpMyAdmin or any other database gui).

First off you'll need the username of the account in question so you'll head off to "wp_users" table to get it. You can either browse through the list of usernames or run the following MySQL Query:
  • "SELECT * FROM  `wp_users`";
Get the user names ("user_login" value) from table "wp_users"
Get the user names ("user_login" value) from table "wp_users"

Now that you have the user name ("user_login" value) you'll need to add it to the super admins list.
Run the following MySQL Query to get the record responsible for that:

  • "SELECT * FROM `wp_sitemeta` WHERE `meta_key` = 'site_admins'";
You should then see something similar to this:
Grant a user super-admin rights by updating the table "wp_sitemeta"
Grant a user super-admin rights by updating the table "wp_sitemeta"

The value for the "meta_value" field is a jSON formatted array and follows this logic:
  • a:1:{i:0;s:4:"user";}
  • a:2:{i:0;s:5:"admin";s:9:"user_name";}
  • a:3:{i:0;s:8:"almighty";i:1;s:8:"xxxxxxxxx";i:2;s:10:"xxxxxxxxxx";}
  • in <a:X>, X is the number of usernames in the array
  • in <i:X>, X is the incremental value in the array (first one is 0, second is 1, so forth)
  • in <s:X:"username">, X is the number or characters in username

Make sure not to add spaces and use the correct upper/lower case value for the username. Also you'll most likely need to log off and then log back into your account for changes to take effect.

Good luck!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Twilight Saga pe (foarte) scurt

io iti zic ce se petrece in film ca sa nu mai dai bani degeba pe bilet, decat daca trebuie sa te scoti in fata prietenei. Nasol, da' tot trebe sa fii pregatit...

personajele principale din film: EL, EA si Lupul Tanar DECI... ia de vezi ce se intampla in Twilight Saga:
Personajele principale sunt EL, vampirul tulburat, EA, femela emo, si, evident, inca unu', un Lup Tanar. Restul sunt mai putin principale si prea multe ca sa fie mentionate.

In lumea asta (adica lumea din film), toate animalele trebuie musai sa aiba un sufet pereche. Iar EA e sufletul LUI pereche (de asta e EL atras de EA). Iar Lupul Tanar era confuz pentru ca i se pare ca e atras de ea, dar de fapt fiica EI, cea care se urmeaza sa se nasca in partea a 2a a ultimei parti, va fi sufletul lui pereche, al Lupului Tanar.

Dar EA nu e decat... pai, EA e ma-sa!

Vizionare usoara!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How can you get more CLICKS than you have PAGE VIEWS?


This has been posted on most of my communication channels:
Facebook, Google+, Twitter ...

My posts go like this:

    I may be a bit thick here, but do enlighten me if you can.

    Notice the BLUE (page views) and ORANGE (clicks) graphs in my AdSense account report:
    how can you get more CLICKS than you have PAGE VIEWS?

and here is my Google AdSense report screen:

Now, I have said in the beginning that there might be something I am missing and I don't understand. I am mainly a web developer rather than a marketeer, but I am quite interested in this whole Internet Marketing thing and I do want to learn about it.

So if anyone out there can point me to what it is I am missing, or just explain how AdSense could see this happening, your valuable opinion will be highly appreciated. You don't have to be an SEO, SEM or social media guru to know about this - although I promote myself as one - but I simply can't get my head arount this.

Another thing that makes internet marketing, social media, website optimization and online communication just as interesting as web development. But that's just me, the geeky developer talking :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

'Neatza ... Blog de Moldovean

Buna 'neața!

Trag de mine in fiecare dimineata de luni, am ifose, ma alint pe stomacul gol, reprogramez alarma pe care am setat-o la 8:04 (niciodata fix), pentru 8:33... poate, poate, imi mai revin.

Ma ridic in fund pe pat, cobor doua picioare pe parchet, ma frec la ochi, casc (pfuuu! tre' sa ma spal pe dinti), incalt papucii de casa (e rece parchetul), ma ridic in picioare și... ma intiiiiiiiiiiind (aaah!!! ce bine e!).

imi tarai tarlicii pana la geam, trag draperia (eeee?!! ce priveliște! un corcoduș!)... aș vrea sa deschid geamul... "fratiiiiica, ce frig e!"... alta data!

Aprind aragazul, pun de cafea...! E prea tarziu și prea devreme.

Din minunile avantajului de a fi barbat spicuiesc: trag blugii, imbrac același tricou de ieri, o bluza, geaca...

citeste restul blogului de moldovean...

Monday, 3 October 2011

Stats compare Facebook US vs UK

Infographic compares Facebook stats
for US and UK

Facebook stats: US vs. UK

Infographic Facebook stats : US and UK

Facebook Statistics for US and UK

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Orgie sexuala online... pe mess

Avertisment : limbaj vulgar

TZop (21/09/11 21:34:05) : ba maruse
TZop (21/09/11 21:34:05) : faceti secs? (21/09/11 21:34:29) : Nu inca (21/09/11 21:34:46) : tu?
TZop (21/09/11 21:35:06) : ma incalzesc
TZop (21/09/11 21:35:12) : sunteti la preludiu? (21/09/11 21:35:59) : Aproape (21/09/11 21:36:07) : Vrei detalii?
TZop (21/09/11 21:36:19) : cat mai picante
TZop (21/09/11 21:36:23) : fiecare pas
TZop (21/09/11 21:36:30) : si va dam si noi (21/09/11 21:36:40) : Incepeti voi
TZop (21/09/11 21:36:42) : putem sa facem orgie sexuala online
TZop (21/09/11 21:36:49) : incep eu?
TZop (21/09/11 21:36:58) : o dezbrac usor pe "EA"
TZop (21/09/11 21:37:04) : ii dau paltonul jos
TZop (21/09/11 21:37:11) : cu miscari lente
TZop (21/09/11 21:37:19) : apoi ghetele
TZop (21/09/11 21:37:21) : acuma tu (21/09/11 21:38:07) : Ii dau cizmele de cuciuc jos, si ii scot sosetele flausate
TZop (21/09/11 21:38:29) : eu ii dau si bashketii
TZop (21/09/11 21:38:38) : ca avea bashketi in cizme (21/09/11 21:39:44) : Eu imi scot salopeta si arunc maieul galbui de pe mine
TZop (21/09/11 21:40:21) : si eu ma chinui sa arunc ciorapii albi spre negru ca sunt lipiti de picioare (21/09/11 21:41:09) : Ma scarpin in cur si apoi imi dau incet jos boxerii lungi si largi
TZop (21/09/11 21:42:08) : ma scarpin si eu in cur si apoi miros degetul
TZop (21/09/11 21:42:32) : stai asa ca am lesinat
TZop (21/09/11 21:42:45) : am cazut si m am lovit cu coaiele de marginea de la masa
TZop (21/09/11 21:43:12) : ce mult imi place sa fiu romantic (21/09/11 21:43:22) : Acum da'i degetul "EI" sa ti'l suga....
TZop (21/09/11 21:43:35) : "EA" e la baie se caca
TZop (21/09/11 21:43:40) : dar e "CEALALTA" pe aici pe hol
TZop (21/09/11 21:43:47) : te superi daca participa si ea?
TZop (21/09/11 21:44:42) : baga-ti si tu degetul in cur
TZop (21/09/11 21:44:47) : sau bagai-l "EI"
TZop (21/09/11 21:44:57) : dar pe ala mare de la picior
TZop (21/09/11 21:47:42) : ...
TZop (21/09/11 21:47:42) : hai ba ca ma apuc de secs
TZop (21/09/11 21:47:50) : ca tu stai prea mult la preludiu
TZop (21/09/11 21:47:58) : se vede ca esti indragostit
TZop (21/09/11 21:48:17) : sa vedem cine termina mai mult
TZop (21/09/11 21:48:27) : ca eu am coaiele cat capu lu TZop
TZop (21/09/11 21:48:40) : o juma de kil de sloboz elimin in seara asta
TZop (21/09/11 21:48:43) : pa

NOTA: Dialogul descris in aceasta povestire are la baza evenimente reale. Anumite nume au fost schimbate pentru protectia persoanelor implicate.

Friday, 9 September 2011

SAMUEL L. IPSUM... dolor sit amet

An Alternative to the classic Lorem Ipsum Generator

You don't need to be a web designer, a web developer, a Search Engine Optimization Guru (SEO) or any other kind of internet marketeer to have heard of the "Lorem ipsum..." text. Anywho, for those that haven't (I really don't see how you can live with yourself...), the "lorem ipsum" text is used as a default blah blah text to emulate content in a web page; so if you were to design a web page and need to see just how it would look with some text, you would go to and generate some paragraphs which you would then copy / paste it into you web design page and preview it. It usualy looks like:

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec at lorem sed augue tempor interdum quis sed risus..." ...and so forth.

This makes no sense for most of us, unless you're a history geek that luvs Latin for some strange reason... We just use it to fill in the blanks without having to randomly type in for 2 minutes, because as web developers we're always extremely busy...

Chuck Norris vs Samuel L Jackson

And since Chuck Norris has not created himself a web site to make a change in the world, we now have Samuel L Jackson, who has step up to give us: the!

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children."

Samuel L Ipsum is an alternative Lorem Ipsum Generator, it uses quotes from films which Samuel L Jackson has starred, in place of the standard lipsum text. It is a very funny alternative to the classic lorem ipsum generator and I enjoyed it alot.

The is pretty simple to use and quite straight forward. Just select "HOW MANY FUCKING PARAGRAPHS" you want, whether or not you "WANT A MOTHERFUCKING HEADER TAG", if you want to "ADD SOME FUCKING BITCHASS <P> TAGS" and then just click "Generate It Bitch" :) And if you still don't know what to do next, there are additional instructions: "COPY THE MOTHERFUCKING CODE BELOW AND PASTE IT WERE YOU WOULD FUCKING LIKE IT TO APPEAR MOTHERFUCKER".

Oh, I love this shit! Try it:

Lipsum is dead! Long live Slipsum!

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