Saturday, 27 August 2011

what you've got when it's gone

When you have nothing, you have nothing to loose. That should be like a goal or something to achieve, to aspire. But coping with loosing everything must be the hardest thing to do. Loosing everything is admitting what a dumb looser you are, cause you never hear anyone say: "Hey, great job loosing all you had, dude! Great job!".

But indeed there's good in loosing. (Or at least there should be.) Provided you accept you are flawed, you are stupid and you will always make mistakes. I'm not referring to people having their lives destroyed by natural disasters, but to those who's decisions have destroyed their dreams and hopes and will to carry on. How many times in life can one find himself flat on his back trying to get up on his knees? Will you know what to do not no find yourself in the same situation again? And if you don't learn from your mistakes, will it be easier next time?

The sooner you accept it, the better. Imagine accepting all's gone. Imagine having nothing. What point is then valuing what you had, when it is gone?

A tear tastes like a drop of blood.
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