Sunday, 15 April 2012

Twilight Saga pe (foarte) scurt

io iti zic ce se petrece in film ca sa nu mai dai bani degeba pe bilet, decat daca trebuie sa te scoti in fata prietenei. Nasol, da' tot trebe sa fii pregatit...

personajele principale din film: EL, EA si Lupul Tanar DECI... ia de vezi ce se intampla in Twilight Saga:
Personajele principale sunt EL, vampirul tulburat, EA, femela emo, si, evident, inca unu', un Lup Tanar. Restul sunt mai putin principale si prea multe ca sa fie mentionate.

In lumea asta (adica lumea din film), toate animalele trebuie musai sa aiba un sufet pereche. Iar EA e sufletul LUI pereche (de asta e EL atras de EA). Iar Lupul Tanar era confuz pentru ca i se pare ca e atras de ea, dar de fapt fiica EI, cea care se urmeaza sa se nasca in partea a 2a a ultimei parti, va fi sufletul lui pereche, al Lupului Tanar.

Dar EA nu e decat... pai, EA e ma-sa!

Vizionare usoara!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How can you get more CLICKS than you have PAGE VIEWS?


This has been posted on most of my communication channels:
Facebook, Google+, Twitter ...

My posts go like this:

    I may be a bit thick here, but do enlighten me if you can.

    Notice the BLUE (page views) and ORANGE (clicks) graphs in my AdSense account report:
    how can you get more CLICKS than you have PAGE VIEWS?

and here is my Google AdSense report screen:

Now, I have said in the beginning that there might be something I am missing and I don't understand. I am mainly a web developer rather than a marketeer, but I am quite interested in this whole Internet Marketing thing and I do want to learn about it.

So if anyone out there can point me to what it is I am missing, or just explain how AdSense could see this happening, your valuable opinion will be highly appreciated. You don't have to be an SEO, SEM or social media guru to know about this - although I promote myself as one - but I simply can't get my head arount this.

Another thing that makes internet marketing, social media, website optimization and online communication just as interesting as web development. But that's just me, the geeky developer talking :)

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